OPINION: How Museveni fooled MPs with a carrot

Activist Ronald Muhinda with Museveni

I think Museveni’s treachery is beyond measure. He desperately wanted age limit removed and probably fooled MPs with a carrot of extension of 2yrs on their current 5yr term.

The Museveni Age Limit Report was drafted by Kinawanuka Kiryowa and Hussein Kashillingi from State House and simply delivered to Jacob Oboth members in Kigo. It was handed over to two newly elected female MPs from South Western Uganda who sneaked it to other cooperating members.

Museveni, KK and HK knew the 2yrs extension was illegal and unconstitutional and that it could be successfully challenged in court. But they still sold it to unsuspecting MPs (they think amateurishly often times) after first enticing them with 300M. With second carrot of 2yr extension, the MPs were already blinded by money to even realize that they can only extend their term for 6months and under a state of emergency. Their extension in peace time is therefore illegal.

If good and patriotic lawyers (not these quack money minded lawyers who could be bribed- I still recall EALA 2012) went to constitutional court, they could easily get the 2yr extension nullified but Museveni would remain with prize of no age limit. He will demonstrably show how foolish MPs are. And even if Museveni was to intervene in Constitutional Court on behalf of MPs, he would still blackmail them into making more blunders in raping the constitution.

This is where land, his next mandatory demand comes in. He will either get his (citizens) land or MPs will lose their 2yr extension in court. So basically MPs gave away the constitution and so they will give away the land to keep two years.

Those of you who watched the debate, Museveni goons were careful not to accept a 2yr extension to correspond with MP elections in 2023. They insisted it has to go through a referendum but do you think they were ignorant not to see there was no state of emergency to extend the term of parliament beyond 6months? Their insistence on not extending Museveni’s term by 2yrs was a big TRAP.

Basically, if Museveni manages to blackmail MPs into giving him the land, himself and his gang will prove to have been good crooks and MPs and their parliament leadership complete idiots.

But is it also true that some of the “Opposition” members received money simply to vote NO and allow process to go on smoothly without a fight? Propaganda?

At this point, Museveni is very dangerous and poisonous to Uganda.


Ronald Muhinda

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