Opondo lampoons opposition for launching another useless ‘Kojikuteko’ campaign

Ofwono Opondo

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has blasted the Members of Parliament opposed to the lifting of the presidential age limit.

Speaking to the Insider, Ofwono described them as losers with nothing to hide their shame thereby coming up with multiple uncalled for campaign.

He noted that regardless of the fact that the lawmaker have a right to go to court and petition the age limit bill voting, they also know very well that they are just wasting.

“There is nothing in the campaign launched today. Those MPs and just getting something where they can hide their shame and Frustration.” Ofwono said.

These statements follow the opposition’s new way forward resolution after the passing of the age limit bill.

Earlier Today, Members of parliament opposed to lifting of the age limit unveiled a new campaign challenging the same Museveni’s life presidency bid.

This comes a day after parliament voted to amend article 102b of the constitution to lift the presidential age limit.

Speaking to journalists at parliament the leader of opposition Winnie Kiiza with a number of other legislators said in addition to going to court, they have launched a new campaign dubbed Kojjikuteko where they are to reach out to citizens.

She says a number of activities have been lined up although did not give details.

Kizza gave special recognition to the NRM members of Parliament saying they all voted in favour of their personal interests.

“We have all come to know that President Museveni is not working for Ugandans. He has clearly said that he doesn’t work for Uganda. He works for himself, his children and his grandchildren,” she said.

She added: “We have challenged this bill right from the start and we have gone to court. So this is the beginning of Kojikuteko. For once, we are beginning to think beyond outer political parties and for once we have managed to think fight for our country.”

Kiiza declared 20th December saying it will always be remembered as a “black day” in the parliament of Uganda.


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