Christmas embarrassment, Residents boo NRM’s MP Ndamira over Age limit

Catherine Atwakire Ndamira Kabaale Woman MP

As it has always been said that power belongs to the people, doubled with the famous saying of everyman for himself and God for us, its indeed not shocking that ruling party law makers that okayed the controversial age limit bill have started paying for their acts independently.

On Saturday for Kabale woman Member of Parliament Catherine Atwakire Ndamira faced her worst Christmas gift as angry youths in her constituency expressed their anger for representing State House instead of their issues.

The Lawmaker who had gone to attend a wedding ceremony of Alex Owamani, the former Kabale district male Youth counselor at Kirigime Guest House was forced to leave the event in unweighable shame after the attendees kept interrupting her speech, saying she betrayed them.

“Don’t even speak to us, Who told you to amend our constitution, Do you represent State House in Parliament or the People?” Angry residents interrupted her speech till when she gave up.

On the same event, in presence was her counterpart Ndorwa east MP Wilfred Niwagaba was given a heroic welcome as the people that were in attendance clapped.

It should be noted that several church leaders and opposition leaders have called upon the general public to isolate the Members of Parliament that voted in support of the controversial bill.

Isolate those greedy Age limit MPs – Amuriat

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party President Hon. Patrick Amuriat has called upon Ugandans not to lose hope but intensify the fight against pro Age limit MPs.

Speaking while appearing on KFM VPN on Saturday morning, the former Kumi law maker noted that opposition lawmakers played their part and were just overpowered by numbers which is something that cannot stay forever since they can be voted out.

He also noted that our country is a crisis of poverty where even those who claim to be in the system are the biggest beggars all kneeling in front one man called President Museveni.

Amuriate on a special note said that the Forum for Democratic Change deserves some credit for trying to layout some working strategies.

“We are the only party that holds an election and we remain stable, The only party that does not rent offices and owning several other projects. This spirit of putting in place feasible things is what the ruling party does not want to hear yet this is the only think that take us away from the begging stages.” He said.

He climaxed calling upon to start the revolution by isolating leaders that touched the constitution since they are the very people blocking an opportunity to change of government that may come with better strategies on how to improve people’s livelihoods.




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