MP Sekikubo given heroic Christmas welcome for opposing Age limit

Archbishop Jonan Lwanga during today’s service

Celebrated Lwemiyaga county Member of Parliament Hon. Theodore Sekikubo this afternoon was showered with love ans praises as he appeared before hundreds of believers at St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral, Namungoona in Kampala.

In a Christmas service that was led by the Archbishop Jonah Lwanga, Sekikubo was recognized as lawmaker a statement that was welcomed by thunderous clapping, cheering and praises, ”the real man”.

“And on the special note, I would like to recognize the presence of our outspoken, and pro people Member of Parliament Hon. Theodore Sekikubo, thank you for staying focused in the fight for democracy,” Archishop Lwanga said amidst endless clapping.

In the same plea, Lwanga challenged other Members parliament to stop taking decisions out of intimidation and tension since they end up making mistakes that can cost the entire country, giving an example of the recent age limit.

Sekikubo whose car was earlier blocked by children who wanted to celebrate him, touch his hands and wish him merry Christmas at the Church parking thanked all the Ugandans for rejecting injustices and unfair policies.

Hon. Theodore Sekikubo

He noted that though Museveni used tax payers money to bribe some lawmaker, beat-up those that opposed the bill, he is still strong that the battle shall at last be won since Ugandans are behind them.

“I want to tell you that we not afraid and not set to give up. Uganda belongs to us all therefore we our fight against life presidency is still on because we need see a peaceful transition of power.” Sekikubo said.

Recently MPs voted to remove the age limit from the Constitution, a process that stirred controversy and criticism within sections of the public.




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