Liquid silk Masquerade night, the mighty X-mas party to remember

It was all about slaying, are we together

Sunday night Liquid Silk Bugolobi ushered in Christmas in style as the establishment celebrated its third anniversary.

The all-night masquerade party attracted many loyal customers as the establishment threw a swanky Christmas Eve party

The Bugolobi-based club that is known for catering to Kampala’s elite party goers threw a Masquerade Party – with masks, and open bar.

On arrival guests were handed masks before they settled into the well adorned club. Once inside, attendees were serenaded by the usual high-end ambience and service that clients have grown accustomed to expect from Liquid Silk.

At exactly midnight, and as DJ Slick Stuart played Geosteady’s “Owoma”, the bar was declared open by the MC of the night —  to the exhilaration of many revellers.

Customers lined up to drink free Johnnie Walker, Coca Cola, and Tusker products as they danced their way into Christmas morning.

The festive season celebrations have begun and we know there will be other parties like this

Where is my santa?



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