Tamale: People silent on 7yrs terms, whoever they will land on may not like it

Tamale Mirundi

Political analyst Tamale Mirundi has warned the Members of Parliament to be careful with the people they undermined during the age limit consultations.

Speaking early this morning, Tamale noted that its unfortunate the people have gone silent on the matter something which is dangerous to handle worse the rise up.

“People have gone silent on the amendment of the Age Limit Bill and this is very dangerous, whoever they land on will pay a high price.” Tamale said.

He also added that increasing the parliament tenure to 7 years was a bad resolution since the voters we sure that after 7 years MPs may still need more years thereby causing a basis of opposition.

“What will happen to the electoral commission, you think they’ll just sit and wait 7 years for you to vote? How about the judges who make money from election petitions? How will they survive if you take 7 years to vote?” He asked.

Tamale also noted that the constitution was not only just touched, but heavily beaten, ‘’it has wounds all over. The wounds will haunt all of you.”

Legislators recently passed the Constitution (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill, 2017 dropping the 75 year upper age limit for presidential candidates and extending the term of Parliament to seven years.

After three days of debate and objections by a section of Opposition, Independent and a few NRM MPs, Parliament approved what came to be known as the ‘Age Limit Bill’ with the required two thirds majority on Wednesday night.

At the third reading, the last stage before a Bill becomes an Act, 315 MPs voted in favour, while 62 rejected the Bill, with 2 MPs abstaining.

For each of the second and third readings, MPs had to endure over two hours of roll call and tally, the method of voting required for bills meant to amend provisions of the Constitution.

In early October, Igara West MP, Hon. Raphael Magyezi (NRM) moved the Constitution (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill, 2017 for its first reading, following a motion, a requirement by the Rules of Procedure, passed on 27th September 2017.

The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, declared the Constitution (Amendment) (No.2) 2017 passed into an Act of Parliament awaiting presidential assent.

However regardless of the ruling party using a lot of powers to have the controversial amendments passed, allot of mixed reactions have taken a hype from both ruling, opposition and even religious leaders saying the bill had selfish motives.



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