Shot Besigye supporter receives New Year surprise, vows to die in FDC

Byamukama with Mother, son and FDC officials

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change has this afternoon showered one Haruna Byamukama with love ahead of the New Year celebrations.

The team that was led by Makerere KCCA councilor Doreen Nyanjura, delivered New Year gifts and money amounting to shs. 600,000.

Haruna is one of the people who were shot in 2006 at Bulange Mengo by the Uganda police during Dr. Kiiza Besigye’s rally.

Haruna Byamukama since then, became lame but the fact of being the bread winner for his family did not go away that he has to take care of his Mother, his 10 year old son Mwagugya amidst this challenging economic crisis.

However its important to note that Besigye has taken care of all Haruna’s medical expenses since 2006. Haruna still undergoes monthly medical checkups.

Nyanjura was joined by other FDC party delegates including Hon. Roland Kaginda, Agaba Babigumira and Mayanja Mulinde.

Regardless of the challenges Haruna has gone, he firmly says that he prays to God to keep him alive so that he can see FDC take over power. He notes that he can’t leave the party because he has over time developed a strong bond with the party that has taken care him in times where even relatives ignored him.


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