Prepare for Opposition Vs Museveni and his 317 MPs in 2018 – Betty Nambooze.

Mukono municipality legislator Hon. Betty Nambooze has said that the opposition has grown stronger and very many people have come together to turn against the Museveni rule which is a sign of victory for opposition this year.

While appearing on Nbs today morning, Hon. Nambooze said that Ugandans have openly shown their hatred towards Museveni and his rule something which opposition legislators are going to use to defeat the president and all his selfish colleagues.

“The opposition has become so big it now means its Uganda vs Museveni and his 317 MPs. People have lost hope and the political situation is unpredictable. You can’t even tell the certainty of political parties. We need mass action in the country. There hasn’t been a moment in this country where we have found ourselves at cross roads the way we are at the moment,” she said.

Nambooze has further added that Museveni has used all his dictatorship to destroy all centers of power like the parliament and UPDF hence leaving them with no say to his corrupt governance and no interest in the demands from the people they lead.

“Our colleagues in Parliament (the 317 MPs) have accepted to work as mercenaries for the government. We have a fully operational military government. If UPDF is voting YES for constitutional amendment, this means the army is working against the will of citizens,” Nambooze said.

Furthermore, Nambooze has said that no Ugandan is capable of having consensus with the president and so that should not be outlined as one of the ways to remove him from power. She believes that the only activity Ugandans should focus on at the moment is getting rid of Museveni because he has ruled enough.

“Consensus can only be built when you can convene. At the moment, there is no one in Uganda who is strong enough to convene a meeting between Museveni and other stakeholders. We should plan on how to get rid of Museveni’s government before talking about convening for a national consensus. The problem of Uganda is Mr. Museveni. If he chose to be good, the country would be better. He should retire immediately. He has had his time,” Nambooze advised.
Nambooze has asked Ugandans to focus on removing Museveni from power today instead of talking about 2021 something which according to her doesn’t exist.

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