Kadaga Vs Suspended MPs: Court stormed by goons in yellow

Yellow boys and girls at court early this morning

The Kampala High Court Civil Division has this morning been attacked by unknown group of people donned in yellow protesting against Speaker Kadaga’s court hearing.

This court session, follows Speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s move of suspending opposition leaders last month when the controversial age limit bill committee report was being presented in the August House by the West Budama Law maker Hon. Jacob Oboth Oboth.

The unknown yellow boys and girls baring placards with words like Leave Kadaga Alone insist that the Speaker is being accused with no offense since she executed the command for the benefit the Ugandans.

The six suspended MPs petitioned Court seeking to quash the decision of the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga to stop them from participating in the age limit debate intended to amend the constitution.

They wanted the Court to compel Kadaga to let them back into parliament and participate in the “Age Limit” debate, and a restraining order prohibiting the Speaker from repeating the alleged illegal action in future. They argue that the speaker was wrong and violated the most cardinal principal of natural justice, which is the right to be heard.

However they were supersized by the Judges’ decision that instead asked them to file their grievances to the constitutional court for legal review before even hearing from the complainants and their lawyers.

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