Museveni joins Kayihura fight against ‘Kijambiya’ thugs in Masaka

Museveni with some residents recently in Sirongo

Following last year’s successful top-level investigative move on the Wakiso women murders, President Yoweri Museveni is Wednesday expected to visit the greater Masaka region where police Chief Kale Kayihura has camped to investigate the numerous murders of several residents in Bukomansimbi and Lwengo districts on January 1.

Five people including a retired police officer were killed and 12 others are nursing injuries after being attacked and hacked by attackers between midnight and 2am as Ugandans were welcoming the year 2018.

The deceased include SSP Denis Ssebugwawo Lumala, a retired police officer who was hacked several times on the head. Jane Nantale, John Sseremba and Gonzaga Kayemba and another unidentified man. All these were killed in Kisojjo, Kyabagoma and Kiryasaaka. All these villages are neighbouring each other.

It’s said that the attackers armed with guns, pangas and clubs moved to different villages of Kiryasaaka in Kkingo Sub-county in Lwengo District, Kisojjo, Kyabagoma and Kyamabaale in Kibinge Sub-county in Bukomansimbi District robbing and hacking people.

Last year, at least 30 people were killed in similar circumstances and up to 50 others were hospitalised in Lwengo, Rakai, Kalungu and Masaka districts.


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