Bryan White renovates Luzira prison.

Famous Kampala tycoon commonly known as Bryan White has ventured into renovating Luzira prison so as to improve the living standards of the inmates.

Bryan White, the new Don in Kampala.

As told by one of the prison security personnel, it is alleged that on Christmas day, he gave out food stuffs to the prisoners as a Christmas gift which made very many of them wish for him to stay longer with them in prison.

Much more, most of the wardens at Luzira prison describe him as a very hardworking and friendly person who has changed their lives from the time he was brought to the prison.

Bryan white has renovated some of the buildings at the prison and also installed DSTV fo the prisoners which has been subscribed for two years something that has excited the prisoners and increased their appreciation and love or him.
However, Bryan White’s next hearing is on Monday 8th January 2017 where court will decide whether to give him bail or not.

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