Traffic boss critics Kenya for banning night travels

Dr. Stephen Kassima

Uganda traffic boss Dr. Stephen Kassima has condemned the decision made by his Kenyan counterparts of resolving to terminate all night travels.

Speaking to the Insider this afternoon, he revealed that its unfair for the state to take such a bold decision since its bound to frustrate the entire region.

He added that its not only buses responsible for causing accidents since even trucks cause more terrible accidents compared to buses but its surprising that they are being ignored.

This travel ban on night travel by long-distance Passenger service vehicle, has already caused mayhem in Kenya’s capital where transport fair has been hyped, and traffic jam raising beyond the normal estimations.

According to daily Nation, many who had planned to travel overnight have had to reschedule their journeys over and over due to limited vehicles on the road.

This ban took effect Sunday after the horrific crash at Migaa along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway that claimed over 30 people.

In Nairobi, agitated passengers confronted Easy Coach bus company management as they sought answers on the woes that they were going through with their children, who were heading back to school.


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