Fear God, respect parents to live long – Museveni to Youth

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has called upon the Youth to adopt the modern technologies in order to remain relevant in the competitive digital world.

Speaking during the North Ankole Youth Convention organized by the North Ankole Diocese at Kaaro High School in Kiruhuura District, President stated that there is need of asking yourself what value you can add to the organization that one might wish to work for.

He however also tasked the youth to stand warned about the deadly HIV/Aids and also avoid wrong peer company that leads them into bad behaviour and ruins their future.

“Avoid alcoholism, smoking and immorality that can lead you into contracting diseases like the HIV/Aids. Test for HIV and Hepatitis, shun early marriages and ensure you complete your studies. And talking studies, go for subjects and courses that are marketable. The economy of the country is based on five sectors that should guide your choices. These are commercial agriculture, industries, services, ICT and the public service. Be frugal in your expenditure, educate your parents on dangers of land fragmentation and always love your relatives and neighbours. Advise and guide them on development issues.” Museveni said.

Museveni also asked Parents to guide these young people so that they avoid making mistakes in life.

“It is part of the reason I came to the convention, so that I guide these youth. The youth should fear God, love their studies, obey their parents and help with household chores during holidays. And where the young people are more exposed than their parents, they should update them on what’s happening, for development purposes.” He added.



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