Museveni Reminds Western Powers of his position on Same-sex Marriage

President greeting Pastor Jessica and Robert Kayanja at Miracle Center

President Yoweri Museveni has reemphasized his position on same-sex marriage despite pressure from western powers.

While attending the 25th marriage anniversary of the founder and Senior Pastor of Rubaga-based Miracle Cathedral Centre Robert Kayanja and his wife Jessica Kayanja on Saturday, Museveni re-echoed his earlier position on homosexuality saying that Ugandans are still comfortable with their traditional culture that treasures productive marriages.

“A family here means a man and woman. In other parts of the world, they are trying to say that it is okay to start a family with a man and a man or woman and a woman but that is too advanced. As far as we are concerned, we are stuck in our old traditional ways,” Museveni said.

On February 2014, President Museveni signed the Anti-homosexuality Bill into law that prohibited any form of sexual relations between persons of the same sex; prohibit the promotion or recognition of such relations and to provide for other related matters.

“Homosexuals are nurtured but not natured. No study has shown that one can be a homosexual purely by nature. Since nurture is the cause, that is why I have agreed to sign the Bill into law,” Museveni as he signed the Bill at State House,  Entebbe.

However, less than 8months later, the Constitutional Court ruled the Law invalid on procedural matters saying parliament passed the Bill without quorum. Since then the U.S and other western powers have threatened with sanctions if Uganda doesn’t allow same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile, during the marriage celebrations, Museveni reminded the youth to endeavor to study and get professions before they start families; adding that producing children in a family is part of the wealth of the family.

The President also commended Kayanja, for not only teaching the gospel but also for teaching the people on how to get out of household poverty and for his urging Christians to always get involved in the uplifting of the welfare of people.

“You should not only fill the earth but establish dominion over nature because you have been put in charge of these things. If there is drought and you get water from the well to the gardens, that is having dominion over nature but If you Christians are poor in your village, then you are all democratically poor. How are you going to be a good example to other people?” Museveni observed.

Museveni expressed happiness to note that the number of Born Again Christians has gone up to 14% of the total population of Uganda.

“When these people were starting their churches, some Pastors of big churches came to me and told me to stop the Balokole from deceiving people about performing miracles. They wanted me to use government power but I told them if they were pretending to perform miracles, God was watching and would deal with them. I am very happy that churches have grown which means we made a right decision not to interfere and involve ourselves in the rivalries of faith,” he said.

The President encouraged Christians to always fear God and be hardworking, as opposed to praying hard and working less.

Pastor Robert Kayanja thanked the President for honoring the institution of marriage by being present at their function.

“We have done over 3000 weddings to help couples get holy matrimony. Once righteousness comes first, the country is blessed,” he said.


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