You aren’t safe at all, We so angry – Lukyamuzi warns M7

President Museveni with Furious Ken Lukyamuzi

Opposition conservative Party president Hon. John Ken Lukyamuzi has warned president Museveni to take serious while handling public issues.

Speaking while appearing on KFM on Monday evening, Lukyamauzi noted that its so unfortunate president and his allies have restlessly taken Ugandans for granted something that may result into their worst regret soon.

He says that amending the constitution to benefit an individual who has not even been grateful for the 3 decades of office was not just unfair to Ugandans but mockery of the common man.

Former Rubaga South lawmaker further says that the hearts of Ugandans have been dismantled by the unjust acts of the regime.

“Museveni you must know that you are in great danger because we are soon coming for you , this country is not a football pitch where you will exploit people from from the wheelchair. Power belongs to the people and therefore we are fighting to save our country from the hands of wrong and greedy people.” Furious Lukyamuzi said.

Lukyamuzi also says that the president and his fellow officials that participated in the constitutional amendment, will soon pay for their acts.

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