Ugandan Traders respond to the single window system.

Government has introduced a system known as the electronic single window meant to improve on technology and also enable traders to submit all required regulatory documents electronically. This will enable them to save time and income since it is a less costly system.
The Uganda Electronic Single Window Project was implemented last year by government to enable traders submit business documents using a single access point.
So far, December last year, 16 border intervening agencies had complied to the request by government to adopt this system namely, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA); Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries, ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperative and Uganda Export Promotions Board (UEPB), among others.

“We are now taking fewer days to clear our goods. This means our goods reach the shelves on time. Because of this, our customers are accessing their goods earlier and we are able to make more transactions,” said Kacita chairman, Everest Kayondo.
Kayondo further added that traders who will use this system will spend five days instead of 11 hence enabling a fast trading system.
“Demurrage charges also come with other charges like customs warehouse, the shipping lines charge different and at the end of the day one would spend about $100 per day (Shs364, 000). This system works correspondingly with the single customs territory to help the business community to save on time,” Kayondo said.
The Uganda ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives and the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), launched the Uganda Electronic Single Window to majorly simplify trade in Uganda.

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