You are an illiterate monkey- Apass abuses Geosteady again.

The Gamululu hit maker has again turned social media platform into a battle field with the Owooma hit maker, Geosteady.

This was after Geosteady posted on his Facebook account claiming to be stronger and fit enough to battle with Apass.


This post fueled the argument between the two artistes forcing Apass to call the Viola singer an illiterate man with poor grammar.

“Geosteady Blackman you can’t ask to battle me, I can’t battle with a small fat little man. You are not on my level go and battle with Barbie J not me nze ngyakutagula tagula little man. The people you need to battle are those who can’t read and write plus those who don’t know English not me. By the way little Geo, who tricked you into thinking onsobola…. wedeko mukwano I am warning you viola aka Geo steady Short man.”

Unfortunately for Apass, he thought that his fans would join him in this battle but was shocked and disappointed when most of the people who commented on his page called him immature, primitive, arrogant and more illiterate than Geosteady.
However, most people on social media have opted to blame the older musicians like Bebe cool for giving bad examples to upcoming artistes who now think it is right to publicly fight fellow musicians.

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