Besigye to replace NRM MPs, swear in people’s government cabinet.

Former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye has said that he is going to form a people’s government specifically meant to address the needs of the people especially those whose Members of Parliament voted in support for the amendment of the constitution.

Dr Kizza Besigye today called upon members in security and military services to do whatever they can to disable the regime.
Addressing journalists at his office at Katonga Road, Besigye together with other prominent Members of parliament from opposition, they agreed that the country needs leaders to represent citizens who are not effectively represented in parliament.

“We shall be launching a national assembly for our country. It will include people’s representatives from the 317 constituencies that were betrayed by their supposed representatives. Otherwise the 317 MPs will be trashed,” said Besigye.

Besigye addressing journalists at his office.

Much more, the opposition lawmakers have decided to come up with a campaign called ‘kulemesa’ which is meant to cripple the ruling government and the businesses of the legislators that voted in favor of the amendment of the constitution.

“These representatives that betrayed people are going to be subjects to total isolation and rejection. We are going to isolate them socially, politically and economically. Let us boycott their shops and schools,” said Besigye.

He further added that this campaign will not only target the 317 MPs but also anyone that is in favor of the ruling NRM government and against the opposition strategies.

“If you’re supporting the military junta in any way, you will be risking the wrath of the people of Uganda. If we identify you, we shall add you to the list of those that will be similarly treated like the 317 MPs,” warned Besigye.

Dr. Kizza further called upon all those in military and security services to use their tools and disable the ruling government because he believes that the military is much more trained and skilled to remove Uganda from poor governance.

“The people in security suffer more than anybody else. They work for 24 hours. they earn nothing. In the military they give them 300,000. This liberation is for soldiers. Soldiers should do what they can to disable what is going. It is legitimate to disable a regime of the type we have in Uganda,” Besigye said.

Besigye has called upon all Ugandans to join the ‘kulemesa’ campaign so that they can be able to defeat the Museveni government without ‘throwing a stone’.

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