PLE results out, 2017 performance better than that of 2016.

Mister of education and sports, Hon. Janet Museveni has released the 2017 PLE results that were done earlier in November. According to the results, it has been noted that there was an improvement in this year’s performance compared to that of last year.

“Performance in 2017 is better than 2016 expect from the division one level. However, more children have passed at Div 2. Fewer candidates failed in 2017 as compared to 2016,” said Odongo Daniel the Uneb secretary.

The results have also shown that the non-UPE schools are still producing better results compared to the UPE schools.
“Performance in non UPE schools have continued to perform better. Failure rate is higher in UPE schools at 11% compared to 4% in non UPE schools,” added Odongo.

Cases of malpractice have also been noted this year which has caused UNEB to withhold however they shall have a hearing in order to have their results released.

“Results of 2559 candidates were withheld by UNEB pending completion of investigations of malpractices. All candidates whose results have been withheld will be accorded a hearing by the Board’s Examinations Security Committee as required by the law of the natural justice. Those candidates who will be cleared will have their results released,” said Odongo.

Odongo further added that Kaberamaido, Ntoroko and Bundibugyo have registered increase in candidates. Also, for the 4th year running, UNEB has registered more female candidates with 2017 at 51.3% as compared to male counterparts at 48.7%.
UNEB Chairperson Mary Okwako said that there was an improved performance with candidates writing better and expressing themselves more clearly.
A total of 57,198 pupils passed in first division, 293,977 passed in the second division, 128,573 passed in third division while 91,504 passed in forth division. 57,354 in U hence failing completely.

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