Gashumba charms Honey Nyanzi, loses control in court

Dr. Nyanzi could not control the smile

Famous Makerere academician has showed her sincere gratitude towards the social and political analyst Frank Gashumba.

As well elaborated in her Facebook Post, Nyanzi described Gashumba as the most intelligent, handsome man who also serves as an inspiration to many in the Pearl of Africa.

She however confessed getting honey over and over as she continued setting next with the Single father whom she further described as a senior bachelor as detailed below.

It is an honour to share a wooden court bench with a Ugandan I look up to as one of our frontline battalion commanders, Mr. Frank Gashumba. Dressed to kill in a turquoise suit, white shirt, red neck tie and black Oxford boots, Frank is superbly the most handsome man in Uganda today. Nzena nzena nsabbaladde, omutima guntuja bwe ttuttuttu. Ennenne ebugumye keninanye senior bachelor.” Nyanzi posted.

The two met this morning at Buganda Road Court to answer different charges against them where Nyanzi is facing offensive communication charges on claims that she called President Museveni a pair of buttocks.


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