I started from dust, now I am star even Bebe cool knows it – Lutalo

David Lutalo with Bebe Cool

Famous singer David Lutalo has described himself as a blessed vocal doyen who rose from dust to the top.

Speaking while appearing on KFM Super star Friday, the Kapapala hit-maker said that there is no miracle he believes in on earth most than the journey of his life from the most despised home and background to being a continental rockstar.

He says though he started the music expedition way back during his childhood when the hope of rocking Ugandan airwaves for a Decade and more never even crossed his minds but God is great that he has banged great songs to an extend putting those he found in the game to the edge.

Lutalo also says that there is nothing that will stop him from releasing good music soon since he gives his compositions time and has strategically mastered the game of being multi-genre.

This interview came a few days ahead of his annual Music concert dubbed Woloolo slated to take place on 26th at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

He is the brain behind songs like Mubi Bubi, Kwaasa, Kapapala, So nice, I love you, Ujuwe, Akantu among others.

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