UMCAT announces New Principal, Dr. Zadok Ekimwere

Dr. Zadok Ekimwere (L) with UMCAT Director Mr. Charles Ogwel (R)

As UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass Communication continues to invest in its future and in that of its students, alumni and the country at large, This time, the Uganda’s leading private Journalism institution is proud to announce the appointment of its new Principal, Dr. Zadok Ekimwere, a Ugandan national with international experience and fresh, innovative ideas to continue strengthening academics and growth of our institution.

Dr. Zadok a print Media specialist with extensive experience in the News Papers Industry has worked with Ugandan Mainstream media like the New Vision where he held several senior editorial positions. His Journalism experience has enabled him to cover the United Nations (UN) General Assembly and the US Presidential, congressional campaigns and elections results. He has also on several occasions been hosted on VOA to give the African Perspective of the election results and other topics.

From New Vision, Dr. Zadok went to head the School of Journalism and Media Management at the Uganda Management Institution (UMI) where he launched the first post graduate Journalism diploma in Uganda in 1998.

Dr. Zadok has also engaged in teaching and lecturing in Universities like the University of South Carolina (USA), Victoria University (Uganda), National University of Rwanda, Burare among others. He enjoys teaching and writing which is still his hobby.

He has researched and published extensively and has a proven track record in research, teaching, curricula development, academic leadership and institutional governance matters. Dr. Zadok is ideally suited to continue the transformation of UMCAT to greater heights.

On speaking about the his appointment, Dr. Zadok said, “I am honored by this appointment and privileged to continue building on the successes of my predecessor as we strive to provide access to high quality and market-relevant higher education to all our students.”

According to Mrs. Okiria Harriet alias Mama who has been caretaking this position for about four Years, says she extremely excited that the Institution has been joined by an experienced Scholar. “I see that now the task to revamp our standards is going to take another twist and I’m well assured that UMCAT will not remain the same due to the reach devotion of embarking of hands-on teaching that has kept us the leading Journalism Institution since 1996.”








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