Politics is a contest of ideas not roaming on streets – M7 tips Opposition

President Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has said that the National Resistance Movement is a Party that looks at politics as a contest of ideas.
The President made the remarks today at a ceremony hosted by the Usuk County Meber of Parliament, Hon. Peter Ogwang, to handover the pledges the MP promised his constituents during the parliamentary campaigns

President Museveni said that in any country, the political actors should allow debate so as to give people chance to make an informed choice.

“If there is discipline in the politics of the country, it should allow debate whereby if people have different ideas they are given a choice to listen to all arguments and choose the right way,” he said.
The President said that after realizing in 1965 that the politics in Uganda was based on religion and tribe (Democratic Party was a Party for Catholics, Uganda People’s Congress for Anglicans and the Kabaka Yekka for Baganda Anglicans) they advised government that that was very dangerous politics that would eventually lead to its collapse.
However, the government failed to heed to their advice and they pulled out of those political Parties and started their own Party that would promote programs for development and not tribalism and religion.
“It did not take long as by 1966 Milton Obote was fighting Kabaka Muteesa the 2nd and in 1971 when Idi Amin came in, government collapsed completely,” he said.

He said that even when fighting Idi Amin, some people supported the idea of assassinating him and others opposed it. In the end those against killing him won.

President Museveni added that when disarming the Karimojong, there were people like David Pulkol and Western NGOs who opposed the move saying that the Karimojong should only be disarmed if the Turkana in Kenya, the Morana in Ethiopia, the Topath in Sudan and the Pokot, because it would make them weak against their enemies when they invaded.

Others proposed bribing the Karimojong. However, the government insisted and successfully disarmed the Karimojong.

“You have seen the benefits of disarming the Karimojong. Their population has increased,” he said.

On development, President Museveni said that the NRM government’s approach is to handle one thing at a time.

“The NRM prioritizes. We do not believe in the lies that we can do all at once. Even God did not create everything in one day. He did everything at a time,” he said.

He said the government’s plan is to have a Health Centre 3 and a government secondary school in each Sub-County and upgrade health Centre 2 in Sub Counties that do not have health centre 3.

President Museveni also called upon the people of Katakwi to work hard and create wealth in their homes. He said that while it was the work of government to ensure development, it is the work of the people to ensure wealth in their homes.

“Katakwi has wonderful land and very nice grass and acacia trees that you should not cut down. Use this land to get out of poverty,” he said.

President Museveni thanked the people of Katakwi for voting MP Ogwang.

“It is a sign that you support the government’s programs that are presented in parliament,” he said.

MP Ogwang thanked the President for restoring peace in the region. “The achievement of peace in the region is the greatest reason why the people of Katakwi support the NRM, he said.

At the ceremony President Museveni was introduced to Anyait Janet Mercy who was found in 2001, suckling her mother’s breast after her mother had been killed by cattle rustlers. Anyait is currently in senior four at Halcyon High School in Soroti district.

MP Ogwang handed over a tractor to the Usuk women groups, an ambulance to the constituency and 110 bicycles to all the LC1 chairpersons in the district and mobilizers.

Earlier the President attended a ground-breaking ceremony for the St. Stephen’s Catholic Mission in Katanga cell, Katakwi Town Council. According to head of the mission, Fr. Remmy Nyengere, the construction is expected to cost Shs.1.5 billion.

En route, Priscilar Comprehensive Girls Secondary School in Angobo village, which was handed over to the government, the President made a stop along Katakwi -Moroto road where he interacted with a group of young girls. According to the deputy head teacher, Mr Ichila Emmanuel, handing over the school to government will help to address the high rate of school drop out in the district. The O-Level school has a total of 267 students.


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