NRM officially fires embattled Kitatta

Embattled Kitatta

The ruling National Resistance movement (NRM) party has this afternoon slit ties with the embattled Rubaga Division Party Chairperson Hajji Abdallah Kitatta

This follows his arrest over allegations of getting involved in criminal acts.

According to the Party Secretary General Justice Kasule Lumumba notes that NRM condoms criminality thereby putting his services at halt.

“I have also further established that his arrest by security agencies has no connections with the party operations. As NRM, we don’t condone criminality and we cherish the rule of law.” She said.

Lumumba further made it clear that the incident is however an eye opener for the Secretariat to start keeping a keen eye on all those in the party leadership positions citing that the basis of the NRM core principles of Nationalism, Pan-Africanism, Social-Economic Transformation and Democracy is the human being which we should all treasure.


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