No one in opposition can defeat me, just useless people – Abiriga

Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga (L) and leading opposition figure Dr. Kiiza Besigye

Arua municipality member of Parliament Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga has lampooned all opposition leaders in his district.

Speaking to the media ahead of the Liberation day celebrations, Abiriga zealously described them as voiceless, useless people to him and his voters.

He says that they have done nothing towards the development of the area, and have nothing to show on the ground besides making noise.

He adds that they have no right to even talk about his political fate because if there is an opposition leader Arua who is in office now, was elected by mistake.

“The opposition is voiceless and useless here, they are doing nothing on the ground. Those who went through went through by chance, but they’ve not done anything for us here in WestNile.” Abiriga says.

Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga is one of the ruling party lawmakers who have overwhelmingly supported president Museveni and all his campaigns. He has one time described him as a prophet sent by God to redeem Uganda.

It should be noted that Hon. Abiriga is still the first Member of Parliament to initiate the bid to extend the office tenure of all legislators and the president from 5 – 7 Years.


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