Tamale: Abiriga shut up! which ministry can you manage?

Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga with Tamale Mirundi

Senior presidential adviser on Media affairs Tamale Mirundi has derided Arua Municipality lawmaker Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga.

Speaking while appearing on NBS TV early this morning, Tamale distinguished that Uganda deserves better leaders than people who are just going to sleep in offices.

Tamale adds that the Yellow donned lawmaker doesn’t need to brag for fronting the age limit bill since on several occasions he was always advised on what he should say in public on several occasions.

He adds the role Abiriga played was so miner that any other Mmber of Parliament would play it easily therefore should not make noise demanding for a reward that he can’t even manage.

“There are new arrivals & departures. Abiriga’s role was in Parliament & it would have been done by anyone. If you’re a wedding chairperson, do you go ahead and marry the bride?” Tamale asked.

Tamale also doubts Abiriga’s capacity to make right decisions since he even lacks moral and intellectual ability to head a Ministerial position.

“Abiriga doesn’t know anything. We call this systems analysis. NRM is like a railway station. Being honest what can Abiriga do?”. He added.

These statements follow Abiriga’s call during the liberation day celebrations on 26th January in his home area where he claimed that he also needs to be rewarded with a ministerial position for supporting the controversial age limit bill.

Abiriga adds that he has sacrificed a lot for president’s stay in power citing that he is the very first person to start the campaign that advocated for the removal of age limit from the constitution, a law that was baring president museveni from seeking re-election come 2021.

He says he has received multiple threats and been punched by locals and even lawmakers in attempts to fight for regime survival but he gets shocked that he has not yet received any special reward besides the shoes he got in parliament during the State of the Nation’s address.



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