Kirumira can’t resign – Police speaks out

Emilian Kayima

The Uganda police force has retaliated on the resignation of the Buyende District Police Commander (DPC) Muhammad Kirumira.

The resignation that came early this morning, Kirumira stated that he resigned due to victimization in the force by his seniors whose mission was to see him demonized in the general public.

However in response to his claims, the Uganda police force spokesperson Emilian Kayima says Kirumara has no right to speak to media announcing his resignation from the force.

Kayima adds that the force will not allow Kirumira to resign since he has failed to use the right procedure to exit.

“For that matter therefore, ASP Muhammad Kirumira should not, and cannot resign from the Uganda Police force through a watsapp or granting interviews to Media houses. What he did is an act of gross indiscipline amounting to scandalous conduct which can not be tolerated by the Uganda police force.’’ The letter reads.

It should be noted that a week ago, police tribunal charged Kirumira with six counts; torture, unlawful arrests, corruption, bribery, extortion and excessive use of authority.

The counts were read to him by the police prosecutor, SSP Catherine Kusemererwa for offences he allegedly committed when he was in-charge of Nansana Police Station and Old Kampala as division police commander in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

However, Kirumira who had become a darling cop for his ruthless hunt for criminals in Kampala had questioned the manner in which he has charged for the same old counts that where levied on him since 2010.

Kirumira thinks that there is something ‘fishy’ in these fresh charges questioning further why he is being charged now. He also questions why he is not taken to criminal court, but rather a disciplinary court.


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