Kirumira resigns from police

Muhammad Kirumira

Buyende District Police Commander (DPC) Muhammad Kirumira has resigned from the Uganda police force.

According to his Facebook post, Kirumira decries the manner into which he has been haunted over time by his seniors whose motive is to demonize his image in public.

He therefore resigns to enable the Uganda Police force carry out investigations into his case.

“As you may be aware the police administration decided to press various charges on me which look to be criminal but preferred them under disciplinary court and where as these are old framed up charges the police has persistently kept on looking at me as criminal and the purpose of this trial in an internal tribunal is to find ways of undermining my reputation.

Therefore as a senior officer who has laboured to wipe out crime without any special facilitation I have realized that my image before the administration shall never change and given the fact that Iam still a young man, I have resigned from the force to enable the police court fulfill their motives.
I now await an official message replacing me such that I can hand over office to whoever is deemed fit.

Eventually when the court makes its verdict I will put in my official retirement application to earn my discharge letter.
I want to leave the police since its clean and I’m branded dirty.
I will not accept to hold office meanwhile am being tried.
I would love to keep my reputation as a freedom fighter.
This is my decision which I shall not change permanently.
For those who are hurt I’m sorry indeed
.Kirumira posted.

It should be noted that a week ago, police tribunal charged Kirumira with six counts; torture, unlawful arrests, corruption, bribery, extortion and excessive use of authority.

The counts were read to him by the police prosecutor, SSP Catherine Kusemererwa for offences he allegedly committed when he was in-charge of Nansana Police Station and Old Kampala as division police commander in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

However, Kirumira who had become a darling cop for his ruthless hunt for criminals in Kampala had questioned the manner in which he has charged for the same old counts that where levied on him since 2010.

Kirumira thinks that there is something ‘fishy’ in these fresh charges questioning further why he is being charged now. He also questions why he is not taken to criminal court, but rather a disciplinary court.



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