Oulanyah blames foreigners for peddling corruption in Africa

Oulanyah with some foreign delegates

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah has taken the war on corruption to the door step of agents of foreign countries, whom he says fuel the vice in Africa.

In an interaction with a delegation comprising of academicians and diplomats from Slovenia, Oulanyah said for want of tenders and contracts, foreigners corrupt officials in Africa.

“People from other countries have corrupted our people; they want a contract, they offer money to push their papers,” said Oulanyah.

Oulanyah took a swipe at a country he preferred not to name for diplomatic reasons, saying it has encouraged corruption in Africa to further its selfish interests.

“There is a country that has corrupted the whole of Africa; now even for breathing, you earn money for nothing. People call and offer you money. They say I want you to connect me to so and so and this is your fuel,” said Oulanyah.

Led by Prof Aleksandra Kanjuo, the delegation is on a fact finding tour to learn about Uganda’s legislative processes.

Ambassador Mumtaz Kassam, the head of Uganda’s Mission in Rome, said the 26-member delegation comprises mainly of university students who are keen to learn about Uganda’s governance structures.

Oulanyah explained Uganda’s budgeting process and the transition to the Public Finance Management Act, which he said put an end to the previously dragging appropriation process.

Kanjuo hailed Uganda’s budgeting process, saying it is inclusive and incorporates the citizenry’s views.

The Deputy Speaker said Parliament has to legislate keeping in mind the interests of Ugandans, saying it is the only way to maintain the credibility of the august House.

“We have to show sensitivity to what our people feel. Sometimes it is difficult to gauge what the people want but you can surely know what the people don’t want. We therefore have to be sensitive,” said Oulanyah.

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