PICTURES: How kayihura men raided Kirumira’s home

Its was a battle of cat and mouse and exchange of bitter words and gunshots at the home of the embattled Buyende District DPC ASP Muhammad Kirumira’s home as residents tried sabotaging police operation.

The operation meant to leave Kirumira arrested was constrained by hundreds of his neighbors who gathered at his home and blocked Flying squad police from taking their darling officer.

According to Kirumira, said that he didn’t know the people who have come to arrest him, since they have not appeared with the local leaders and the arrest warrant something that forced his residents to wedge resistance against his arrest.

However according to the official from the Standards Police Unit Vincent Ssekate said that Kirumira was arrested over unlawful conduct and disobeying police orders since he was earlier warned about talking to the Media.

Police retaliated with more force as detailed in pictured below.



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