No one in Gov’t regrets arresting Kirumira – Opondo


The government spoke person Ofwono OPondo has described embattled former Buyende district DPC ASP Muhammad Kirumira as undisciplined officer.

Speaking while appearing the Capital Gang on Saturday Morning Opondo said that Kirumira behaved like a primary school boy announcing to retirement from the force after being put on the spot for committing atrocities.

Ofwono noted that regardless of the differences and challenges Kirumira might have been going through, there was need to accord the force and the state respect by not describing it as a rotten institution.

He added that Kirunmira’s destination was definitely jail since there is no government that can tolerate such levels of stupidity.

Ofwono also said that no one in government regrets arresting Muhammad Kirumira though the issues and allegations he put forward have been put in consideration and special investigations will be put in place to that they fully addressed.

Kirumira was last week charged with a number of offences including corruption, extortion and unnecessary exercise of authority dating back between 2013 and 2014 while still in Nansana and Old Kampala as OC station and Division Police Commander respectively.


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