Semujju calls upon Ugandans to demonstrate against fuel prices.

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has called upon the public to join them in the struggle against the high fuel prices.
While addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Najanakumbi, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda the party spokesperson asked government to lower the prices or else they will be forced to rally people to fight against the high fuel practices.
These prices differ at different petrol stations which according to fuel dealers is largely caused by the high prices is the increased crude oil prices on the international market, and the political tension in Kenya.

“If you go upcountry in places like Arua, a liter of petrol is now nearly Shs 4000 and the pump price even in Kampala it keeps changing; the moment fuel prices go up, commodity prices go up, which eventually is reflected in the cost of living. We have to fight against such an economy,” Semujju emphasized.


Semujju further insisted that the government should not use the high prices of crude oil because when its prices are low, nothing changes when it comes to the fuel cost in Uganda.
“But even when the oil prices went down, the prices of fuel in Uganda didn’t go down to reflect the changes in the international oil market.”
He therefore asked Ugandans to join the party decision to demonstrate against the high prices because he believes that the government increases prices so as to keep Ugandans very poor.

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