Tension as suspected Karimojong Warriors Kill 3 in Agago

Uganda, , Karamoja, ‘Portrait Of Karamojong Warrior With Ostrich Feather In Hair Holding Gun And Stool, Always Carried And Used As Both Seat And Head Rest. ‘

Suspected Karimojong warriors have killed three hunters and injured another in Agago district.

The incident happened in a jungle of Anywang Gai village in Lojim Parish, Omiya Pacwa Sub County on Monday. The deceased have been identified as 40-year-old Adious Ocaya, Saddam Otoo and Walter Ochan.

David Oyoo, 22, is receiving treatment at Dr. Ambrosoli Hospital in Kalongo for injuries he sustained during the attack. Oyo sustained injuries to his head and neck, which he says were inflicted on him using an axe.

Oyoo says the assailants numbering about 10 attacked them with weapons such as machetes, axe, arrows and bows at about 5pm as they checked their metal traps underneath Te-Kicok thickets.


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