Museveni, wife have killed our education sector – Nambooze

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Hon. Betty Nambooze

The Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Hon. Betty Nambooze has decried the continued collapse and lessening education standards in the country.

Speaking while appearing on CBS FM last evening, Nambooze noted that its unfortunate that a once glorified system has turned out to be floppy to an extend that even examinations can be allegedly cheated by people as young as primary level.

Nambooze wants all ministry of education officials in charge of UNEB to get fired for not doing their role well after being paid millions of money.

“How can papers leak at all levels and those people remain in office? I want you know that a lot of tax payers’ money is injected in UNEB annually to see that those papers are not tampered but all papers leak and the Minister and the president are all pretending as if everything is okay.” She said.

She suggests that there should be an amendment in the UNEB act so that students whose papers are confiscated are given a supplementary exam other than letting them repeat the entire academic year because most of the poor parents may fail to raise money to pay school fees for their repeating children and the candidates may lose moral of repeating the same class.

Nambooze tables that government has concentrated on increasing the number of schools than improving the quality of education offered something she described as a the reason as to why the country is getting a huge number of failures in UNEB exams.

“Allow me to ask you, If you keep a box of chicken feathers for one year and then you buy more 9 boxes of feathers, do you get a box of chicken meat or you get 10 boxes of feathers? That’s what your tired Museveni and family have failed to understand.” Nambooze said.

She adds that Uganda still needs a lot of efforts towards strengthening the already existing institutions other than creating more poor quality institutions.

“The same thing one can still ask him/herself, really do we need more districts? I just hate the way people in government officials do things without considering their relevance and impact to the society. After advocating for channels to steal our money, they respond with taking their children and relatives to hospitals and schools abroad simply because they know that the services here are dead.” She added.

Nambooze also noted that Leaders in Uganda need to understand that Uganda if for all the people therefore putting in place working and standard services should be given priority.


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