Why Museveni Forced Balyeku, Nabeta to Bury Hatchet

MP Moses Balyeku, Museveni and Hon. Igeme Nabeta

President Yoweri Museveni last week exploited the NRM leaders’ meeting in Jinja to reconcile longtime political standoff between Jinja youthful legislators Igeme Nabeta (Jinja East) and Moses Balyeku (Jinja West).

This comes ahead of the March 15, 2018 by-election where Nabeta is set to face off with his longtime rival FDC’s Paul Mwiru. Jinja East seat fell vacant after Court of Appeal on January 12, annulled the election of Nabeta on grounds of falsification of election results.

“From now Your Excellency, I pledge my commitment to Hon Nabeta and the people of Jinja East and I shall stand by my word. Being in Parliament with Hon Nabeta is more profitable to the people of Jinja than having Mwiru. Hon Igeme, we are now brothers in both action and words. We shall score in the same goal and from now, judge me by results,” Balyeku apologized.

He added, “I also take this opportunity to apologise to the people of Jinja East Constituency. Forgive me for all the wrong I have committed.”

Why Museveni Forced Balyeku, Nabeta to Bury Hatchet

According to sources in State House, President Museveni summoned Balyeku prior the NRM leaders’ meeting and ordered him to publicly apologise to Nabeta to save his political career.

Nabeta who beat Balyeku for the NRM district chairperson for Jinja district has been holding a longtime superiority grudge with the latter despite being from the same ruling party.

Apparently, Museveni rushed to reconcile the two after sensing that the NRM is most likely to lose the Jinja East by-election to FDC solely because of the egos and cheap politics from the two young NRM cadres.

Sources in Jinja told our reporter that if this rift between Nabeta and Balyeku persisted a litter longer then the former has no chance against Mwiru who beat him in the 9th Parliament.

“I can assure you that Nabeta has no chance against Mwiru because of the ongoing rift between him and Balyeku. The two have staine


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