Promoter Balaam denies stealing Radio’s condolence money, promises to stop helping.

Promoter Balaam, who was in charge of the condolence money that was given to the family of Mowzey Radio by the president and other government officials was recently accused by the family of the deceased for misusing the money for his own good.
However, Balaam has come out to deny these allegations claiming that he did not use the money for anything else aside from the burial arrangements as accused.


“I received the money and used it to organize our brother’s burial and I can show accountability for it. I was only helping but this reaction has showed me that t is not good to help People. I will never help again,” Balaam said.
However, Radio’s brother, Frank Ssekibogo seems to be very sure that Balaam stole the remaining money from the condolences and has asked him to account for it.
“If he didn’t steal the money, let him give us the accountability of the money from Bryan White, Museveni and all the other mourners,” he said.
It should be noted that very many government officials like Museveni, Lawmakers and the NRM secretariat members contributed towards the burial arrangements of the musician.

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