Real doctors treat both state and rebels – Dr. Obuku

Dr. Ekwaru Obuku

Doctors under their umbrella body Uganda Medical Association have condemned the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS) of politicking the issue of collecting blood from the opposition forum for Democratic Party headquarters where people had gathered to donate blood.

Speaking to the media on Thursday afternoon, the president of the umbrella Doctor Obuku Ekwaro said its unformatted that UBTS denied Ugandans a chance to do a noble cause.

He said even during trying times, professional doctors treat both state soldiers and rebels because the role of doctors is to save life not politicking.

On Wednesday, people gathered at the Forum for Democratic Change party headquarters with the intention to donate blood, as it has become known that there is a shortage of blood in the country.

To disappointment of the people who gathered, the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services, officials did not show up without clear reasons.

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