Poor governance,Corruption and focusing on less important issues have ruined Uganda – Baryamureba.



Prof. Venansius Baryamureba

Former presidential candidate and Vice chancellor of Makerere University, Prof. Venansius Baryamureba has said that Uganda will remain backwards as long as it is still poorly governed and also spends money on less productive issues.

While appearing on NBS today morning, Professor Baryamureba said that the country spends money to research about very many things and issues and yet the money is not accounted for.

“There is no single commission where we don’t spend more than ugx 70billion. We are spending the money we should have used in other urgent issues. When these commission reports come out, they should have value for money,” he said.

Much more, Prof. Baryamureba also added that the only way to stop land grabbing in the country is by ending corruption so that those whose land has been grabbed can get justice.

“It is all about combating corruption. People grab land and go to courts and bribe the judge. If Catherine Bamugemereire is a very good justice, why cant you set up a small court to handle these land matters?” he questioned.

Baryamureba further adds that the government has used the excuse of having ghosts in organizations to cover up the many corruption cases.

“Everything in this country is attached to ghosts. Ghost refugees makes no news. We even have ghost MPS and cabinet ministers. We have ghosts everywhere and corruption is motivating these ghosts,” Baryamureba analyzed.

according to him, he believes that corruption is one of the major issues responsible for the slow development.

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