Mind your business – Nsereko raps Kahinda


The Kampala central lawmaker Hon. Muhammad Nsereko has asked the Justice and constitutional affairs Minster to mind his business and leave alone the issues of Luzira prison and Butabika land.

Speaking to our Insider, Nsereko said that the said land has not stopped Kahinda from executing his duties therefore should not be tempted to touch that land.

This comment came shortly after Minister Kahinda had proposed before the committee of Human rights at Parliament to have the two facilities shifted far away from the city.

Nsereko adds that the only mission towards this proposal is to steal that land as they have always done with several government land.

“All this is aimed to steal that Land. Has Butabika stopped any ministry from operating? If the hospital and prisons are too contested, why can’t we enlarge some of the facilities outside the city to handle the huge numbers without destroying these existing ones? We shall not allow our country to get sold to foreigners for the benefits of a few selfish individuals.”Nsereko said.

It should noted that in 1995, Butabika hospital was seated on about 600 hectares of land but during the regime of Gen. Kahinda as the lands minister, over 200 hectares were given away to investors a subsidized cost and others were sold to individuals and plots to enable the area get developed. As we talk now, Butabika only has 360 hectares which are busy making government officials have sleepless nights.


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