Two arrested over Gang rape, robbery

Police in Mukono have arrested two men suspected of gang rape and robbery in Nabuti, Mukono District, last month.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire identified the two suspects as Emmanuel Nuwamanya and Taremwa aged 27 and 30 residents of Nankulabye and Kasubi respectively.
The rape case took place on the night of 23rd January 2018 at around 03:32am.

“They broke into home, robbed property including TV, laptop, Shs1.5m Uganda Shillings and took turns to rape the woman”, Mr Owoyesigyire said.

Police are also Investigating another rape case in which Nuwamanya admitted to have raped a woman and her two female children in November 2017.
The suspects are to appear in Mukono magistrate’s court on next week.

In related incidents, police have carried out operations in Mukono Division leading to an arrest of one Robert Musinguzi on suspicion of raping three female church goers at a swamp near Victory Church.

The same operations have led to the arrest of Mustafa Matovu43, Moses Tamuzzade 37 who allegedly defiled a young girl an incident that happened on the 11th February 2018 in Seeta, Mukono District and are detained at Seeta Police Station.
The trio are being held on rape and aggravated defilement charges pending court next week.


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