City businessman arrested for planning to kill his wife

Man planning to kill his wife arrested

Police at Old Kampala Police station have in detention a man alleged to have been planning to kill his wife over family business.

The suspect identified as Christopher Salongo Katalyebwa 48 a resident of Kyengera has been arrested after we were tipped that he had contracted someone to hire for him people to kill his wife.

The suspect was planning to kill his wife Nalongo Josephine Namukisa a mother of his four children with intent to selfishly inherit all family riches accumulated in the past 18 years of marriage.

The two have been working together at their family shop located on Skylight shopping arcade.

Our area DPC ASP Grace Nyangoma says a member of the bodaboda look out team who was contracted to oversee the gruesome mission tipped police with spot on information which lead to Katalyebwa arrest.

Our officers have also obtained a number of voice recordings explaining how they intended to execute the mission.

Initially, Katalyebwa tried to avoid meeting the hired killers physically but later accepted after several negotiations and a fee of one million shillings was agreed upon to execute the mission.

According to the hired killer, Katalyebwa wanted Nalongo to be killed as he was on a business trip to Nairobi to make every one believe that she was killed in his absence.

We have also established that the couple has been having family misunderstandings and matters were also before probation offices at Mwanga II Court.

Katalyebwa was charged and is being held at Old Kampala police station on SD REF:86/22/02/2018.


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