OPINION: Makerere sex for marks, Blame university students too

Girls will do anything to get what they want , some will read books and pass and go peacefully and others will do all possible ways to get marks including offering their bodies for what they want.. Its Only when they don’t get what they expected that they now call it sexual harassment.

Funny people.. Girls in Makerere University are beyond 18 years so everything is done out of consent so they have control over some of these actions.

Why don’t they report the cases before the claimed harasser could sleep with them? Why must they sleep with them first then they call it sexual harassment?

NBS Television while you busy investigating get the story from the other side of life from the lecturers’ view to really synchronize what happens because what about those girls who pass with first class degrees are they sexually abused first?

Makerere University is such a big university for you media guys to keep on playing around. It could have been their private arrangement too these are two Adults who have feelings just like you do Mujuni Raymond Carlton Qatahar.

And now you Eunice, Mr. Kyomuhendo was Clear according to what you said you girls want free marks and things as well. it means you didn’t pass but you wanted to pass when you didn’t read. Yes, Its professionally wrong to get into a sexual relationship with your student because it affects ones judgment and I highly condemn that.

Poor people! Girls keep in bars and clubs, Watching series in their hostel rooms and gossiping all their time and expect to pass. How? … Its the dull girls and broke girls who claim to be sexually harassed.. Because they want free things they don’t want to hustle for their future.

Parents who have girls in these universities make sure your kids have enough for survival and follow them up and make sure they go to class but if you can do that parental role then such mistakes can’t be avoided.. there are no free marks in Makerere University

Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe The act of not attending lectures and doing course works should be categorized under hooliganism and this should be punishable. After ensuring that everyone is going to class as required and has done their course works and exams them you can now ask for those people who have been failed because lecturers wanted sex from them.

Then to the lecturers. Please respect these young girls Dr. Kyomuhendo these girls are your daughters stop sleeping with your sons’ girls friends

I want to know the CGPA for this Eunice girl. Am not supporting Dr. Kyomuhendo but I feel bad when the media cannot come out to bring innovations and projects going on in the university in the lime light but you always want to bring out the bad side of the university. This has to stop if cases are not reported to Uganda Police Force then forget.

Lastly NBS Television Please investigate about girls who tempt lectures into these acts as well because lecturers are people and they may not be able to resist this kind of harassment from students as well

The Author is a Former Student of Makerere University

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