Sekikubo: Why call Abiriga a hero yet is being chased like a chicken thief?


Lwemiyaga legislator Hon. Theodore Ssekikubo has lampooned president Museveni for calling the 317 Members of Parliament that voted in support of Age limit removal heroes.

Speaking during a radio talk show on Tuesday evening, Sekikubo said that there was no reason to celebrate constitutional amendment since it was a normal act that has always been done.

“Now they went to Kiboga to celebrate what, and whom did they win? All this should tell you that the act of amending the constitution was evil right from the start because is it the first constitutional amendment, then why celebrate?” he said.

Sekikubo added that the act of president calling this team heroes is a mockery of democracy and abuse to all Ugandans since he praised traitors who went against their voters decisions.

“Now look at someone like Abiriga and his friends, how can you call them heroes? Okay if they are heroes as claimed, how comes they are chased like chicken thieves once they to their constituencies?” Sekikubo asked.

The vocal lawmaker insisted that the Head of State has grown and its high time he resigned before destroying the little he has done for the country.

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