Museveni is an ‘intoxicated in disciplined greedy pig’ – Nyanzi insults state house boss again.

Celebrated academician Dr. Stella Nyanzi has again attacked the president by calling him as the ‘real in disciplined swine’.

While posting on her social media account commenting on the death of Susan Magara, Nyanzi accused the president for losing his plot of governance and leading a nation that is lawless, insecure and filled with only crime.


Dr. Stella Nyanzi

“Now, the real swine in this matter is Museveni. He is a swine for entrenching a nationwide rotten system of lawlessness, impunity, crime, insecurity, and the militarization of the state. Museveni mbizzi ddala! The rot of his military dictatorship is responsible for grooming an illegitimate environment that is conducive for normalizing unsolved gruesome murders. Museveni mpunu, buzima. His regime thrives in this chaos,” she posted.

Much more,  Nyanzi accused the president for being intoxicated on drugs and continuously making numerous faults that he has failed to solve.

“If anyone is high on intoxicants, in this matter, it is not alchoholics, druggies, and bamalaaya. No. The real intoxicated culprit is Yoweri Museveni. Dude is sooooooooo high on power, that he is staggering roughshod through our country. He makes one faulty step after another faulty step after another faulty step through all the affairs pertaining to Uganda. He is the real in disciplined idiot here. Kino kibizzi nyo,” Nyanzi said.

Nyanzi also adds that the ideas suggested by the president to put CCTV cameras on streets, carry out a national DNA registration and ban the selling of unregistered sim cards are meant to waste Ugandan’s money. According to her, she terms him as ‘ an intoxicated in disciplined greedy pig’.

“And the intoxicated indisciplined greedy pig wants more blood-money sucked out of Ugandans to be wasted on scam procurement deals for CCTV, verifying registered simcards, palm-printing, and DNA registration. Guno ogubizzi gubizzi ddala gwagala kuwuuta nsimbi ndala! Gulowooza tuli bagwagwa? No! We must resist the nonsensical deceit that sweetly flows out of Museveni’s twisted lying mouth. He is a liar who works for the father of lies. Museveni is the real indisciplined swine benefitting from these unsolved mysterious murders,” Nyanzi said.

It should however be noted that this is not the first time Nyanzi insults the president. Earlier last year she referred to him as ‘a pair of buttocks’.


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