Could Justice Bagyenda be Uganda’s wealthiest civil servant?

Justice Bagyenda

The question of whether Justice Bagyenda being the wealthiest civil servant will be the first thing to swap around your minds once you get to know her worth.

Justine Bagyenda held several bank accounts where she did significantly large transactions; at least larger than her known salary at the central bank. While we cannot competently call her a money launderer, her act of wiring money from her DTB Account to her Barclays account and then wiring it to another third party account in Centenary Bank, in 47 regular but smaller transactions, only for it be withdrawn almost immediately, has all the hallmarks of money laundering.

Though the Inspector General of Government is already investigating her, whether she is innocent or not, Bagyenda stands out to be a unique and one if only the first civil servant to poses a heavy account weighing over 20 Billions.

It should be noted that her former boss, Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile recently come top as the country’s highest salary earner at just Shs53.3 million per month, Ms Bagyenda’s bank balances means that for the last six months reveal that she has been earning- or saving- Shs266,7223732, or earning Shs66.6 million per week or if you want to be sure, Shs9.5 million per day.

Although the central bank recently denied that the much-feared former Executive Director, Justine Bagyenda, had been forced into early retirement, news emerging about her vast real estate riches and, most recently, her multi-billion bank balances, could shade a light into why Governor Tumusiime Mutebile could have swung an axe, months before her retirement was due.

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