Kayihura made all active Police officers redundant – Gashumba

Gashumba, Kayihura and late Magara

City social critic Frank Gashumba has decried the manner in which the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura was running the Uganda Police Force.

Speaking in a video posted on his timeline, Gashumba says that Kayihura’s 12 years in office as IGP was a huge waste of time.

Gashumba adds that Kayihumba retrenched all patriotic police officers, made them redundant and substituted them with boys and sons of his friends.

“All the patriotic officer we knew in the Uganda Police force were all laid off and made redundant by the IGP. All he was concerned about was to Serve NRM, Get promotion & make money that’s why you find an officer who is just 28 years but becoming a District Police Commander( DPC) but with no expertise.” Gashumba said.

He added that its only in Uganda where there is no active police hotline citing that its easy to order for pizza in Kampala than getting police assistance regardless of the huge numbers as detailed in the video below.


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