Besigye: With or without Kayihura, I will still be arrested if I go downtown

Kale Kayihura with Dr. Kiiza Besigye

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Dr. Kizza Besigye has revealed that Gen Kale Kayihura was fired as Inspector General of Police (IGP) because of his support for the Rwandan government.

Reports have been awash alleging that Ugandan and Rwandan governments are having sour diplomatic relations. Whereas Ugandan government has on several occasions refuted the allegations, indicators are becoming so glaring with the climax falling after Rwanda President Paul Kagame refused to attend recently concluded EAC Summit held at Munyonyo in Kampala. There are fears that each government is planning to overthrow the other.

While addressing the media at his office on Katonga Road, Dr. Besigye, the four time presidential candidate said that there is likelihood that Gen Kayihura was fired for “being so loyal to Rwanda’s Kagame than Uganda’s Museveni.”

“His sacking could be as a result of supporting Rwanda and not because of the rot in police or insecurity. He was just reappointed last year so you think Mr Museveni did not know the problems in police? So I don’t consider that it’s the goons of Kitata that have brought down Kayihura, it seems a lot has to do with that other rival with Rwanda.  Museveni sees him being loyal the other side than to him.  That is why the latest showdown may have taken place,” Besigye said.

Besigye added that Kayihura’s sacking should not be celebrated for as long as President Museveni is still the commander-in-chief then rights of Ugandans will still be stamped.

“Kayihura’s sacking is just a change of guards like Mr. Museveni said at one moment. It is not that my rights will be respected. I can assure you that if I went downtown right now I will be taken to Naggalama. We have heard so many IGPs, but nothing has changed or will change as long as their boss is still there,” he said.

Kayihura was on Sunday evening fired as IGP along with his nemesis Security minister Henry Tumukunde. Kayihura and Tumukunde were replaced by Ochola Okoth and Gen Elly Tumwine respectively. Museveni also appointed Brig. Sabiiti Muzeei as deputy IGP.

Besigye said that the problem in security must be viewed alongside problems in other sectors, adding that mismanagement of security is much less serious than the mismanagement elsewhere.

“Security is at the heart of the regime so when the security is lazy then other sectors will crumble.

The regime is now borrowing to pay salaries moreover half way in the financial year.  The new FY is starting in July but in February you are borrowing because you are using resources to fund regime survival and consumption,” he added.


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