EXCLUSIVE: Plot to sack Allen Kagina finalized

Allen Kagina

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is reported to have to terms to have the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Executive Director Allen Kagina axed.

Our sources have intimated to us that president Museveni is disgusted with the high degree of impunity, arrogance and disobedience Kagina has exhibited since she took over the UNRA mantle.

Museveni’s anger stems from his various in adhered to directives which have been falling on a deaf ear of Kagina. One is particular is the president’s directive to Kagina ordering her to reinstate Dott Construction Company as an eligible construction firm after it had been wrongly blacklisted by herself.

The president has over time tasked Kagina to reinstate this company after he had allegedly been wrongly advised by the UNRA team to have it blacklisted in Uganda.

Our sources have further revealed that in the last week’s face to face meeting with Kagina, Museveni questioned Kagina to explain why she has adamantly refused to adhere to his directives to reinstate Dot Services and forthwith award them a construction contract as soon as possible.

We are told that the president was pissed and  emotionally pilled a host of unpleasant words at Kagina reminding her how she is what she is because of him.

“Why don’t you listen to me, Who do you think you are? You should be grateful of me because I am the reason you are what you are. Iam now ordering you to reinstate that company and a ward them with a contract within two hours.” Museveni furiously ordered.

It should be noted that in a letter dated 26th October, questioned Kagina’s management skills and why she had defied her directives over the same matter.

“I recently wrote to you lifting my executive order on this company to allow it [ Dott Services] continue with their works in Uganda. This was after they agreed to stop delaying government projects with court injunctions when they fail to win contracts through procurement processes, but my quarrel with them together with blocking investigations,” the president noted in one page letter.

He added: I am, however, still reading in the papers and being called by leaders from Bukediregion about the terminated contract of Mbale-Tirinyi road. Was this contract terminated because of my executive order? If yes, then it should have been reinstated, when it was lifted. Why didn’t this happen and what was the problem?

President Museveni asked the UNRA executive director to award the contract to Dott Services as way of creating jobs to Ugandans.

“I advise you to use or follow my method/advise in this war of corruption but also creating a base for our children and grandchildren to be employed. This is why I have, at least once pardoned Ugandan companies when they make mistakes. This is my strategy to create jobs and wealth by supporting local companies in whichever way possible’’ Mr. Museveni said.

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