Museveni can fire the entire cabinet tomorrow – Tamale

President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta

Famous presidential advisor Tamale Mirundi has revealed some information about the recently sacked Generals.

Speaking during a radio talk show, Tamale noted that their departure has nothing big to impact of the security citing that president might have been sacked some time back but only effected recently after grooming and spotting their potential substitutes.

Tamale added that Ugandans don’t need to make a lot of noise about the reshuffle since it was a normal thing that president Museveni has always done over time.

“Ugandans are only excited with this reshuffle simply because they are not used to changes in Governments. How many reshuffles did Milton Obote, Iddi Amin, or Binaisa make? There is nothing new here but because Ugandans take long to hear such news, is the reason they are over yapping.” Tamale said.

He added that president Museveni is the most honest and fair person who cannot allow to be stained by body’s wrong deeds citing that he fears no one and can fire anyone including the entire without consultations.

“Museveni does not rely on anyone, he can even fire the entire cabinet and the state remains stable. You see he fired his very own blood brother Gen. Salim Saleh, then who is Gen. Kayihura or Gen. Tumukunde.” He added.

The former State House press secretary adds that what might have sparked the sacking of his longtime allies could be connected to the sadden murder of youthful Susan Magara who was kidnapped for over 20 days and later brutally killed by yet to be interfiled goons.

Tamale says that the fact that Susan’s father is a renowned tycoon, some officials from the security agencies might have connived to get some money from John Magara the father of the deceased.

“Museveni has capacity to protect anyone, that why he even renewed Kayihura’s contract at the time when everyone was against but what might have lubricated the long awaited request to have him sacked might have sparked from Magara’s death. How can someone be kidnapped for 20 days? The longest time Kidnappers can keep someone can’t be even 4 days. I have a feeling that some security officials might have plotted to use the opportunity to acquire money from the old.” Tamale gave his thought.

He also revealed that however much important one might be before president Museveni, as long as an old person complains to him over allegations of being robbed or tortured by you, at all costs you will get fired because president believes that old people rarely tell lies.

Recently president Museveni sacked Uganda’s longest serving Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura replacing him Mr. Martin Okoth Ochola and the Security Minister Gen. Henry Tumukunde replacing him with Gen. Elly Tumwine over issues that have remained known to him.


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