Zari set to host purple party with free cancer screening in Nairobi.

Zari Hassan

The battle between socialites Zari Hassan and musician Diamond Platinum to stay independently relevant after their break up seems to be unending as the two are constantly coming up with different business ventures to catch the public’s attention.

Zari Hassan has commonly been known for hosting parties as part of her income generating ventures and she wants to prove to her fans that her parties can still survive without Diamond in her life.

This time, she has added a free cancer screening activity to her purple party in Nairobi which has caused a lot of attention from the public.

“They say purple is the color of royalty, and royalty is in my blood. So come join me at the Purple concert. There will be free cancer screening. Can’t imagine you all in Purple,” she said.

However, she reacted to most people claiming that this is a publicity stunt by saying that she is already popular and does not need to be seen by men but only needs to make money.

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